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Patient & Family Advisory Council

The Patient & 家庭咨询委员会(PFAC)由四名社区成员和三名BBGH员工组成. PFAC的目的是收集反馈和建议,以改善患者在BBGH的体验. 

The PFAC members meet quarterly to share experiences at the facility, offer constructive feedback, participate in group discussions, and provide insight from the patient and family perspective. 

Patient Experience Ambassador Dede DeVeny, CPXP, and coordinator of the PFAC says, “BBGH很高兴有一个由患者和家属组成的委员会,为改善或维持积极的患者体验提供反馈. 我很荣幸能够参加首届PFAC,并与有关部门分享IM电竞App官网社区成员提供的信息反馈. 做出明智而有价值的决定的秘诀是从你最重要的利益相关者那里得到持续的、可操作的反馈, your customers, our patients."

Contact Dede with questions or for more information at or 308-762-4357 ext. 3479.

Dede DeVeny, CPXP